The Delta Upsilon Chapter of Delta Delta Delta continually strives for academic success. We proudly boast each semester about having sisters who receive 4.0 GPAs. In the Spring of 2016, several sisters reached this lofty achievement. From science to history to fine arts, our sisters pursue their academic passions across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. We have members who have been initiated into various honorary societies, including the Greek Honorary Society, Gamma Sigma Alpha, as well as departmental and institutional honorary societies. 

The best part about our academics is the constant urge to improve. I have seen countless women who have reached out to other members of the house for tutoring - not because they are required to do so, but because they truly want to understand the materials that they are learning in their coursework and want to find success in class. 

Delta Upsilon has two wonderful academic advisors, Dr. Lee Fratantuono (Classics) and Dr. Dan Vogt (Chemistry), who are thoroughly involved in our house. Although we frequently collaborate with our academic advisors on many chapter functions, Dr. Fratantuono and Dr. Vogt recently started hosting academic receptions for members of the house who received a GPA above the house average for the previous semester. Another recognition for outstanding grades is our "'A' Jar." For each "A" that a sister receives, she will have her name put into the jar. At the end of the semester, names will be drawn out of the jar and prizes will be awarded to those sisters for their academic excellence. 

Some future goals that I would like to see for our house is the continual improvement of our chapter's GPA, as well as the continual love for learning that I see in sisters every day. We, as members of the Ohio Wesleyan community, are here for our academics. I would love to see our sisters capitalize on all academic opportunities throughout their years here as a Battling Bishop. By taking challenging courses, bonding with various professors, and encompassing all that a Liberal Arts education has to offer, we shall all reach the epitome of collegiate women, and thus, pave the road that leads us to successful lives. 

DLAM and Happy Studying,

Joelle Trubowitz

Academic Development Chair